All Bookings Are Catch & Keep Only



All Bookings Are Catch & Keep Only

Thank you for acknowledgement to our Rules & Regulations. We look forward to your visit!

Please Read Carefully & Acknowledge Your Acceptance Below:

  1. No fishing license is required

  2. Must check in at the barn prior to any fishing activities.

  3. Participants must wear the wrist band provided at check in and the wrist band must be visible at all times while fishing.

  4. Please be respectful of other participants space on the bank or lake shore. There is more than adequate space for up to 30 people around the lake. If another participant is fighting a fish next to you, please reel your line in and wait till they net their trout before casting again.

  5. Restricted areas are posted. Please do not enter these areas.

  6. Guide only areas may be posted. Please do not enter these areas unless you hired a guide.

  7. Limit of 6 fish per participant.

  8. Captured fish must be netted while in the water. Long handle nets will be available around the lake.

  9. Buckets will be provided to each participant at check in. No stringers allowed. No coolers will be allowed around the lake. If you wish to put your fish on ice after you capture them, you must have the fish weighed out prior to putting them in your your vehicle. You may fill your bucket up with lake water to keep them cool.

  10. Catch and keep fishing only. If you release a fish back into the lake, you and everyone in your party will be asked to leave and you will be permanently banned from the property. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  11. Pay by the pound. Trout are stocked between 16”+/- up to 20”+/-. A 16” trout could weigh 2 lbs. A 20” trout could weight 4+ lbs. Price by the pound is based on market value delivered to the lake and overhead costs.

  12. Check out at the barn for your fish weigh out and final payment. Individual charges over $100.00 will be credited their $15.00 access fee. Discounts for 10+ pounds.

  13. In order to not introduce any disease or other fish species into the lake, we do not allow outside fish or minnows to be used while fishing.

  14. No alcoholic beverages allowed on the property unless it is a private event.

  15. No firearms are allowed on the property unless you have a conceal carry permit and the weapon must be concealed at all times while on the property or in your vehicle.

  16. No pets allowed. Service animals are welcome.

  17. No wading in the lake. Tall rubber boots are recommended.

  18. Gutting and filleting of fish MUST be performed off the property.

  19. Boat dock is restricted to individuals with special needs and must be under the supervision of a caretaker or an adult.

  20. Boat dock is also restricted to children under the age of 10 years old and they must have adult supervision. The adult may not fish off the dock but may assist the child.

  21. Children under the age of 16 MUST be under the supervision of an adult.

  22. Personal floatation devices or life jackets are recommended for children under 18.

  23. Bank and shore fishing only. NO BOATS!

  24. No horseplay by participants will be tolerated around the lakeshore.

  25. No exposed fish hooks will be allowed except at lakeshore. In the interest of safety, please remove hooks from lines while the rods/poles are being transported to and from lakeshore.

  26. A waiver and release of liability form must be signed by everyone 18 and older.

  27. If under the age of 18, a parent, legal guardian or named responsible party must sign the waiver and release of liability form and accompany and supervise any children under the age of 16.

  28. Participants must bring their own fishing gear, unless it is guided. Gear should be name-tagged. One fishing rod or pole per participant.

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